GZIP is the GNU ZIP tool used in the GNV suite. It can however be used wihout any other part of GNV. As such it can be tested and debugged. You are invited to test this part of software and give us any feedback we can use to improve the quality of the software.

Use it at your own risk, because we cannot take responsibility for crashes, dumps or even worse: loosing data.

Martin Borgman writes:

"The gzip version that comes with gnv does not handle ODS-5 filenames the way it should.

I made several changes to gzip-1.2.4 these past few days. I didn't like the clumsy changes I made previously to makegzip.com to optionally add the vms_crtl_init stuff. So after long deliberation I decided to go into a different direction. I removed de clumsy bits from makegzip.com and changed vms.c. The new version of vms.c conditionally includes either vms_expand_args.h or vms_crtl_init.h depending on the crtl version.

The files vms_expand_args.h and vms_crtl_init.h are new.

The vms_expand_args.h file is the original version of vms.c and vms_crtl_init.h needs no introduction.

I also did some cleaning up in tailor.h.

The build script should be able to build gzip on any resent VMS version, without setting any of the X symbols.


Martin Borgman."

A gzip file (gzip-1_2_4c.tar-gz, 224 KB) containing the whole gzip source can be downloaded.

Please give your feedback to gzipdev@oooovms.dyndns.org.


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