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Updated 2021-03-20, by Martin Borgman 1.0 for Tru64

We found this version of 1.0 for Tru64 Unix some time ago. We know very litle about this port, we only know that Yi Wang and Wendy Rannenberg were involved with this port.

Because the Tru64 port was done on the same hardware and with the same compiler suite we are using, we hope to benefit from the good work done on this port in our porting to OpenVMS.

At this moment we don't intend to support or even do something ourselves with the Tru64 material.

Use it at your own risk, because we cannot take responsibility for crashes, dumps or even worse: loosing data.

We keep this software just for reference purposes. All of the components are listed here:

Item Description
READMETRU64OO.TXT The README file for 1.0 for Tru64 UNIX
BUILD_INSTRUCTIONSTRU64OO.TXT Build instructions for 1.0 for Tru64 UNIX
INIT_OO10TRU64OO.TXT This script initializes the 1.0 source pools for building
INSTALL_STLPORTKSHTRU64OO.TXT KSH installation script for STLPORT for Tru64 UNIX
RELEASE_NOTESTRU64OO.TXT Release notes for 1.0 for Tru64 UNIX
INCSTLPORT_TARTRU64OO.GZ (383K) The STLPORT source files for Tru64 UNIX
install_tar.gz ( 79M) The 1.0 installation kit for Tru64 UNIX
OO_10_SRCPATCHTARTRU64OO.GZ ( 24M) The source files of the 1.0 patches for Tru64 UNIX

Because of the low bandwidth of this server please be patient when you download some of the files above.

Maintained by the OpenOffice on OpenVMS porting Project.