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Item Description
Porting Guide (327K) UNIX to OpenVMS porting guide 19-jul-2005
Hint and Tips UNIX to OpenVMS porting hints and tips
Issuelist UNIX to OpenVMS porting issuelist
Software Install Software installation for Opensource porting on OpenVMS. How do I upgrade Alpha firmware. How do I install OpenVMS...
UNIX® System Interface Tables Tables of system interfaces defined in the Single UNIX Specification Version 3, complete with an indication of their availability in other related standards, such as UNIX 98, UNIX 95, the ISO POSIX-1 standard, the ISO POSIX-2 standard, the ISO C standard, SVID3 and 4.3BSD, and on OpenVMS 7.3-2
Tru64 port OpenOffice 1.0 for Tru64 Unix. This version is build on the same hardware and with the same family of compilers as we are using

Maintained by the OpenOffice on OpenVMS porting Project.