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OpenOffice on OpenVMS project

Last update: 15-feb-2004
Status overview
OpenOffice porting
Hardware environment
Software environment (24-mar-2003)
OpenOffice project
UNIX specification (2-jun-2003)
Openoffice TRU64 port (28-jan-2004)
Platform Specific Notes
Porting VMS issuelist (15-feb-2004)
OpenVMS common (27-apr-2003)
Current tasks
Building Dmake (3-may-2003)
Building an environment (15-feb-2004)
TO DO list
TCSH (2-jun-2003)
Other Topics
Freeware: regedit (2-may-2003)
Freeware: fshelp 2.1.3 (7-jan-2004)
Freeware: dix 3.4 (7-jan-2004)
Updated GNV-tool: gzip

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